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Breakthrough Call | 30 minutes | Free


Get a self-care audit and learn how you can: 

Stop emotional eating 
Reduce your stress
Take control of your emotional + mental health
Begin Plant-based eating
Add exercise to your daily routine
Feel more fulfilled
and more!

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Aligned: 6 Month Transformational Life Coaching Program 

This 6 month program will take you from feeling overwhelmed, lacking in clarity and

passion, and drained to feeling fulfilled, purposeful, energetic, confident + authentic.

Each month we will implement different self-care practices that will ACTUALLY

create better physical, mental, emotional + spiritual health, improve your

relationships (with yourself and others) and help you grow into your highest Self.

Together we will create results in your life such as: 

Mastering Your Mind

Whole food nutrition

Movement + Routine

Inner practices (meditation, journaling, visualization, and more)

Creativity + Learning

Connection + Relationships

Creating confidence

Reducing fear

Purpose + Passion

Managing Your Energy

Better boundaries

Personalized self-care plan


Whole body health is when you address the physical, mental, emotional + spiritual parts of your body and feel aligned in your beliefs + actions. 

I work with a limited amount of 1:1 clients at a time.
To apply for this program please email or fill out the form below.

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