Work With Megan


Breakthrough Call | 30 minutes | Free


Get a self-care audit and learn how you can: 

Stop emotional eating 
Reduce your stress
Take control of your emotional + mental health
Begin Plant-based eating
Add exercise to your daily routine
Feel more fulfilled
and more!

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A Path to Wellness: 6 Month Program 

This 6 month Program will take you from feeling overwhelmed, uninspired, and

lacking clarity around your health, purpose and goals to full of energy and pursuit,

nourished on a plant-based diet and implementing movement and other self-care

practices to achieve whole body health.
A total integration of mind, body and spirit. I will teach you how to achieve whole body health and discover your passions and purpose so you can be the kind of women you want to be.

Together we will work on accomplishing YOUR health goals while creating results in your life such as:
-transitioning to a WFPB (Whole food, plant-based) diet and how to crowd out processed foods and eliminate animal products to align with your morals and ethics 

-Becoming aware of and quitting emotional eating habits + patterns 
-Reducing stress, overwhelm + anxiety
-Incorporating movement into your daily routine

-Meditation, journaling + visualization practices
-Feeling absolutely clear around your purpose 
-Improving your relationships
-Practicing better self-care


Whole body health is when you address the physical, mental + spiritual parts of your body and feel aligned in your beliefs, morals + actions. 

I work with a limited amount of 1:1 clients at a time. To apply for this program please email