My free, 6 day Masterclass Series will teach you the EXACT mindset shifts to apply to live a happier + healthier life. When you go through this training you will learn:

-How our emotions impact our actions
-How the brain is motivated, and how we don't need to wait for motivation
-About problems + excuses and how to overcome them
-About beliefs + your identity (*this is why many people don't reach their goals!)
-What is in our control (this is linked to improved happiness + better relationships)
-Practices to implement


Your mental + emotional health is the most important aspect of whole body health. From a positive mindset you can take empowered action to improve in your physical health. Without learning these mindset shifts, you likely won't continue on with any goals that you set, continue to blame others for how you feel, and feel unfulfilled in areas of your life. 

Are you ready to take your health to the next level?

Megan Schmidt is a plant-based health + life coach, yoga instructor + host of The Align Wellness Podcast. She teaches women how to practice better self-care + manage their minds to become happier, healthier + more fulfilled in their lives!