Plan for your Best Year

Happy New Year! I love looking back on the year, and taking note of all my accomplishments. It's a great way to cultivate gratitude by focusing on the good.

This past year was a lot of learning for me and I am so happy for that. If you want to make 2019 your best year then you will need to plan for it. Nothing changes if nothing changes. So take some time today, or in the next 24 hours to sit down with a notebook, pen, and day planner and write out what you want to accomplish. Then, break down your goals into actionable chunks, and add it to your day planner. For example, if you want to read 12 books this year, that means 1 each month. So start with a list of books you want to read, and this can change as you go, but you need a starting point, and add in the first three into you planner. You could go out and rent the first book from the library, borrow it from a friend, or purchase it from a store, then chunk it down into weeks. For easy math, if the book is 400 pages, then you need to read 100 pages a week. Now you have made some progress toward your goal, you know what book you are going to start with, and you know how many pages you need to read a week. That seems manageable now, rather than the big goal of 12 books, you've chunked it down.

Continue doing this with all of your goals. Think of breaking your life into categories, what do you want to accomplish in your career? in relationships? with your nutrition? in your fitness? with your spirituality?

Some people like to make a vision board and do daily or weekly affirmations as well. There is so much information online about both of those, and I would definitely recommend checking more into it if you are interested.

If you want to commit to your goals, you can follow the link below and sign up for my 12 page PDF, "10 tips to make 2019 your best year yet"!