Meal Plan: October 31 - November 6

Wednesday, October 31

Lasagna and Caesar salad

Find my recipe here:

Thursday, November 1

Mushroom Lentil Soup Recipe here:

Friday, November 2

Pizza Night!

We are going to use flatbreads for the base and chop up a bunch of veggies and let the older two girls help us make pizzas!

Saturday, November 3

Gnocchi in cashew cream with peas and a carrot lentil salad I’m going to use the cashew cream sauce from this recipe:

and add peas.

And I love this recipe for carrot lentil salad

Sunday, November 4

Curry and Lentil Balls We have curry a lot! These lentil balls can’t be beat though!

Monday, November 5


Tuesday, November 6

Pasta with artichoke hearts and kale I’m not sure what kind of sauce I will use on this yet, probably something light, but could also use a cashew cream sauce on this type of pasta too!

I hope you enjoy another week of meal ideas!