Meal Plan: October 3-9

I am going to try to do a weekly meal plan and share with you on the blog in hopes that either you find something you want to make for supper, or it gives you inspiration to make something similar! I find half the battle is just coming up with new ideas for suppers that the kids will actually eat!

Hope you enjoy!

Wednesday, October 3

Roasted veggies and garden salad

I am going to roast Potatoes, sweet potatoes, asparagus, cauliflower, broccoli. I will make a Cashew cream sauce to drizzle over top

Garden salad Romaine lettuce, cukes, cherry tomatoes, shredded carrot, balsamic and oil dressing. Probably some feta cheese as well.

Thursday, October 4

Roasted Veggie pasta Salad (adapted from Hummusapien I’m going to follow this recipe for the most part, I will use a white wine sauce rather than red because I think my girls will like something more subtle.

Garden salad

Friday, October 5 Leftover supper night

Saturday, October 6

Roasted sweet potato and black bean enchilada’s with homemade enchilada sauce. I will roast sweet potato, onions and corn with some oil and garlic. Add a splash of enchilada sauce and put into my tortilla’s. Top them with cheese and enchilada sauce and bake. Serve with guacamole and salad

Sunday, October 7 Left over enchilada’s

Monday, October 8

Lentil Sloppy joes (i love this recipe if you need something with more accurate measurements: Fry onion and garlic in a bit of oil. I usually always use canned lentils because it is so much quicker and I don’t always know what I am having until it’s time to Make supper ha! But since I am planning, I might use dried lentils and cook them in the afternoon. So use either a can or about a cup and half/two cups of cooked lentils, a cup of tomato sauce, bit of tomato paste, diced pepper, splash of maple syrup, cumin, chilli powder, mustard, worcestershire sauce (vegan). Cook in pot until pepper is soft, likely around 15 mins. Serve with toasted buns.

Tuesday, October 9 Lentil Carrot Tacos with cabbage I’ve never made this recipe before but It sounds good and I am going to use my leftover sloppy Joe filling so it should come together quickly! Plus this chipotle sunflower cream sauce sounds delicious! Recipe here:

Note: If I feel like the meal needs more veggies I usually always just add a salad. The girls are older now and they will eat it. When they were younger they would just gag on the lettuce… But If I am in a rush then I literally cut up cucumbers and have cucumbers, snap peas, and hummus which they love.

If my husband is on a night shift, me and the girls usually eat an easy meal so it’s less clean up because I am very outnumbered and I do not want to spend my evening doing dishes. So we have a lot of pasta or eggs and toast for suppers on night shifts. It’s survival mode.

I hope that you find something you and your family will enjoy and if you do make sure to #alignwellnessyxe on instagram so I can see your yummy meals!

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