Meal Plan - November 7-13

It's been a busy week and I am just getting around to posting this now! But here was/is our meal for the week. Wednesday, November 7 Leftover pasta

Thursday, November 8 Vegetarian Chili

Friday, November 9 Roasted baby potatoes Steamed beets Steamed broccoli

BBQ portobello mushrooms Carrot lentil salad on a bed of spinach Salad (lettuce, cukes, baby tomatoes, red onion, pumpkin seeds, balsamic and oil dressing)

Saturday, November 10 Chickpea, spinach cutlets from Costco Roasted cauliflower Steamed broccoli Salad (lettuce, cukes, baby tomatoes, purple cabbage, pumpkin seeds, honey dijon dressing)

Sunday, November 11

Rice and snap peas with honey ginger sauce and tofu

Monday, November 12

Eggs on rice and roasted carrots and kale

Tuesday, November 13 Moroccan stew Enjoy!!