Meal Plan: Jan 28-Feb 3

Monday, January 28 Tofu Rice Bowl with roasted cauliflower and peanut sauce (Me and the girls love tofu, Lyndon not so much, so I might have some portobello mushrooms or something else for him.)

Tuesday, January 29 Veggie Fried Rice with Spinach

Wednesday, January 30 Leftovers Wednesday's are busy, especially this week, so leftovers or breakfast for supper for tonight.

Thursday, January 31 Roasted Potato cups with Loaded Guacamole  (I've gotten a few recipes from this site and she does not disappoint!) Cannot wait to try these out with a big garden salad!

Friday, February 1 Pizza Night

Saturday, February 2 Quinoa Chili Chili is (usually) a safe bet for Lennon and Lincoln, Mila is going through a picky phase so we will see about her!

Sunday, February 3 Gnocchi (take 2)I will make sure I add gnocchi to my grocery list so I can finally try this recipe out!