Aligned Life Group Program

Design your Aligned Life in this transformational 12 month group program.

This is the ULTIMATE personal growth, + life design program.

Learn how to take your health, happiness + sense of fulfillment to the NEXT LEVEL and receive outstanding:

  • Accountability

  • Support + Guidance

  • Commitment, consistency + integrity

  • Mentorship + Coaching

  • Vision + Clarity

  • And most importantly, Life-changing RESULTS

As Dr. Wayne Dyer says: 

"Manifestation is REAL. It occurs when you make a specific decision to change your mind about who you are and what is possible for you to achieve within these parenthesis of eternity of what is called your life."


In the next 12 months you will learn how to:

  • Control your energy + emotions so you can accomplish more without burning out

  • Create YOUR life, one that's aligned and fulfilling

  • Design a self-care practice that supports you in your health + fulfillment goals

  • Become committed, self-integral + disciplined

  • Nourish yourself on a plant-based diet, plan your meals and effortlessly choose whole foods more often

  • Move your body from a place of love

  • Experience more abundance in all forms

  • Master your mindset

  • Take control of your schedule + time

  • Meditate, journal and expand your creativity and your idea of what is possible

  • Show up for yourself, accomplish BIG things, and create a life you LOVE to live

What's Included in this transformational 12 Month Program:

  • weekly intention setting session

  • monthly 1:1 coaching

  • weekly trainings + Q&A

  • monthly meal plans to follow

  • meditation and/or yoga/movement classes

  • instant access to the full membership site (with hours of training and homework inside)

  • a community of like-minded women supporting each other, sharing in success and learning along-side each other

Sneak Peek at July's Schedule






June 28


Intention Setting

June 30

Your Foundation

July 5

Intention Setting

July 7

Consistency in routine

July 9


July 12

Intention Setting

July 13

Controlling Your
Energy + Coaching

July 19

Intention Setting

July 20

Taking Action

July 22


July 23


July 26

Intention Setting

July 28

Thought Control

July 29


Results you can expect (when you dedicate yourself to the program):

  • Complete clarity on your direction, passions + purpose in life

  • Emotional Health + Control (learn how to feel your emotions instead of reacting, spiralling, or buffering through emotional eating/overdrinking/overspending/tuning out etc)

  • Mental Health (learn how to use your mind powerfully and become the conscious creator of your life instead of feeling like a victim)

  • Physical Health (learn how to move your body from love, nourish your body effortlessly + truly care for your body + mind on a deeper level

  • Spiritual Health (learn how to connect, listen + take action from your intuition + higher self)

  • Stronger relationships with your self + others with clear boundaries

  • Develop qualities such as self love, commitment, discipline + self-belief

  • A daily self-care routine that actually fills you up and contributes to your well-being

  • Confidence in your body, decisions + actions

  • Knowledge of The Law of Attraction and how to do your part to create a fulfilling, passionate + purposeful life

  • and so much more!

Megan Schmidt is a mindset + energy transformation coach, yoga instructor + host of The Align Wellness Podcast. She teaches women how to master their minds + change their energy to become happier, healthier + more fulfilled in their lives!

As the founder of The Aligned Life Program, Megan teaches women what it really takes to create + live a fulfilling, healthy + happy life. This transformational program gives you the steps to design your life by YOUR version of fulfillment.

She has over a decade of knowledge in personal development + mindset, plant-based nutrition + yoga that she infuses into her teachings + program. She is also a mom of three daughters and fully understands how important real self-care is for the energy + health of the household.


Megan is passionate about helping women transform their lives from the inside out. She knows what it takes to move from a directionless life, full of self-pity and exhaustion, to energetic, focused + fulfilled - and she is ready to support you in creating all that you want too!

What Clients are saying about Aligned Life

"I feel so much more in control of my thoughts and emotions since I joined the Aligned Life Program. I feel happier and I'm starting to dream bigger because I'm accomplishing more than I had originally thought I could!"

"Megan & her Aligned Life Program is a game changer! Regardless of what you’re looking to achieve, master or get clear on, Megan will teach you tools you will never be able to learn from a book! She is extremely dependable, fast to respond & truly listens/cares about her clients. She practises what she preaches & provides a safe, open, judgement free environment online & during calls. If you’re looking to change your life, I highly recommend Megan’s program!"

Why Aligned Life?



We all want to feel good. We all have a desire to live a fulfilling life.

The problem is that you might not believe that's fully possible for you. You might find yourself searching for that feeling in artificial sweetnesses of life such as overeating, over drinking, endless hours in front of the tv, overspending, gossip/drama, etc.

That's not what you came here for. You are here to live a fulfilling, passionate life. One that's full of love, health, purpose + choice.


And it's possible for you!


It doesn't come instantly, but when you learn to master your mind, the journey is enjoyable and your success is inevitable


It feels amazing to accomplish big goals, to be healthy, genuinely happy, and focused on your success. I want that for you, and I can help you in creating a life that you love!

The Aligned Life Group Program is designed to be fail proof. If you show up to the calls and implement the teachings, you will get results! There is so much support and accountability woven in to this program which is almost always the reason why most women are not getting results on their own, they don't know what are the best things to focus on, they have wrong energy going into their action, and they are missing accountability + support. This program solves that for you, and teaches you how to become those qualities throughout the 12 months.

I can't wait to see what you create!

Less fear          ------->         MORE FREEDOM

Less doubt       ------->         MORE BELIEF