Aligned Life Program

Own your life and become the woman you
know you were meant to be.

Does any of this sound familiar to you?

You feel overwhelmed in the day to day, moving through life without a sense of purpose.

You're always busy and don't take time for yourself, or feel incredibly guilty if you do spend time on the things you enjoy.

You feel unfulfilled and directionless but really desire more excitement + joy.

Your energy is low and you are apathetic.

You want to reduce stress + anxiety, and learn how to gain control over your thinking. 

You want to become more intentional, mindful and deliberate in your life.

You want to learn how to become more committed, integral + disciplined so that you can reach your goals and feel successful.


You want to make yourself a priority, improve your self-care and enjoy life! 


Waking up everyday with 
intention and a sense of purpose.

Taking time and care of your self without any guilt, effortlessly nourishing and moving your body from a place of love.

Having the ability to be the watcher of your thoughts, being in control of your emotions, and feeling empowered to take action. 

Inside my transformational 12 month Aligned Life Program, you will learn how to make that a reality and create a passionate life of meaning + purpose. 

You will learn how to live everyday with a sense of peace, alignment + accomplishment.

You'll gain complete clarity on your direction and learn how to build confidence to take action on the things most important to you.

You will learn how to increase your energy, practice true self care, and how to be the master of your thoughts + emotions.  

Do you want to know why most people are unfulfilled in their life?

It's because they haven't DECIDED what they want, or they believe it's NOT possible for them to achieve it.

Most people are focused on the lack of what they want in their life, which only creates more lack.

I will teach you how to become the master of your energy + get rid of those limiting beliefs holding you back.

The Aligned Life Program is the ULTIMATE life design program


Learn how to take your health, happiness + sense of fulfillment to the NEXT LEVEL and receive:

  • Accountability, Support + Guidance

  • Mentorship + Coaching

  • And most importantly, Life-changing RESULTS

Imagine knowing how to:

  • Control your energy + emotions so you can accomplish more without burning out

  • DESIGN your own life, one that's aligned and fulfilling

  • Create a self-care practice that supports you in your health + fulfillment goals

  • Become committed, self-integral + disciplined

  • Nourish yourself on a plant-based diet, plan your meals and effortlessly choose whole foods more often

  • Move your body from a place of love

  • Eliminate STRUGGLE and find EASE

  • Experience more abundance in all forms

  • Master your mindset

  • Take control of your schedule + time

  • Meditate, journal and expand your creativity and your idea of what is possible

  • Show up for yourself, accomplish BIG things, and create a life you LOVE to live

What's included in The Aligned Life Program?

  • Monthly 1:1 coaching

  • Instant access to the full membership site (with hours of training and homework inside)

  • Weekly intention setting session

  • Monthly Masterclass and theme

  • Monthly meal plans to follow

  • Weekly meditation, yoga or exercise classes

  • Private Facebook community of like-minded women supporting each other, sharing in success and learning along-side each other

Results you can expect (when you dedicate yourself to the program):

  • Complete clarity on your direction, passions + purpose in life

  • Emotional Health + Control (learn how to feel your emotions instead of reacting, spiralling, or buffering through emotional eating/overdrinking/overspending/tuning out etc)

  • Mental Health (learn how to use your mind powerfully and become the conscious creator of your life instead of feeling like a victim)

  • Physical Health (learn how to move your body from love, nourish your body effortlessly + truly care for your body + mind on a deeper level

  • Spiritual Health (learn how to connect, listen + take action from your intuition + higher self)

  • Stronger relationships with your self + others with clear boundaries

  • Develop qualities such as self love, commitment, discipline + self-belief

  • A daily self-care routine that actually fills you up and contributes to your well-being

  • Confidence in your body, decisions + actions

  • Knowledge of The Law of Attraction and how to do your part to create a fulfilling, passionate + purposeful life

  • and so much more!

I am a mindset + energy transformation coach, yoga instructor + host of The Align Wellness Podcast. I teach you how to create a life full of meaning, health, purpose + fulfillment.

As the founder of the transformational Aligned Life Program, I work with you to completely transform your energy + mind, and take you through the steps required to design your life by YOUR version of success + fulfillment.

I started teaching yoga 13 years ago, when I was 17, which is when my passion for health, personal growth + spirituality began. I have been a runner for over 14 years as well, completing 3 marathons + countless shorter distances, all on a vegetarian, and now fully plant-based diet. I have been immersed in personal growth for over a decade, and my biggest opportunity for growth has come from motherhood. I'm the mom of 3 daughters and I'm committed to showing them the importance of self-care, self-love + living a purpose driven life.   


I am passionate + committed to helping you create a life by design, full of health, fulfillment + purpose . It's 100% available for you, The Aligned Life Program provides you with the path to achieve it! 

I can't wait to see what you create.

What Clients are saying about The Aligned Life Program

"I feel so much more in control of my thoughts and emotions since I joined the Aligned Life Program. I feel happier and I'm starting to dream bigger because I'm accomplishing more than I had originally thought I could!"

"Megan & her Aligned Life Program is a game changer! Regardless of what you’re looking to achieve, master or get clear on, Megan will teach you tools you will never be able to learn from a book! She is extremely dependable, fast to respond & truly listens/cares about her clients. She practises what she preaches & provides a safe, open, judgement free environment online & during calls. If you’re looking to change your life, I highly recommend Megan’s program!"

"The Aligned Life Program has made such a huge impact on my life, in more ways than one. I have noticed improvements in my perosnal life, at home, and at work. Megan is amazing. She is so easy to get along with and makes one on one sessions so comfortable. She is very knowledable and provides great guidance and accountability to help you achieve the goals and changes you are wanting to see in your life."

"I have taken the Master your Mind classes, enjoy the Align Wellness podcasts and personal one on one coaching. Megan is great at supporting, encouraging and challenging you to become the best you!!"

Why Aligned Life?



We all want to feel good. We all have a desire to live a fulfilling life.

The problem is that you might not believe that's fully possible for you. You might find yourself searching for that feeling in artificial sweetnesses of life such as overeating, over drinking, endless hours in front of the tv, overspending, gossip/drama, etc.

That's not what you came here for. You are here to create a meaningful, passionate life. One that's full of love, health, purpose + choice.


And it's possible for you!


Stop looking to your past to determine your future. 

I teach my clients how to take total responsibility for their life and to be in control of their energy + mindset. I show them why they haven't reached their goals yet, and provide them with a path that is enjoyable and where success is inevitable!

You can keep going down the path you've been on, directionless, burnt out and confused on how to get real results + actually enjoy life.


Or you can join us in The Aligned Life Program, and become the conscious creator of your life! Imagine creating peak health + happiness and feeling totally aligned and clear on what you want + how to achieve it.


It feels amazing to have control over your mind, accomplish big goals, to be healthy, genuinely happy, and focused on your success. I want that for you, and I can help you in creating a life that you love!

Let's GO!