Life + Health Coach, Mindset Mentor, Yoga Instructor + Host of The Align Wellness Podcast

Photo Credit: Kaptured by Kristina
Photo Credit: Kaptured by Kristina
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This program is for you, the passionate, committed + heart-centred woman ready to:

  • feel better, physically, mentally, emotionally + spiritually

  • have more joy + ease in your life

  • feel more fulfilled and purposeful

  • reduce stress, overwhelm + fear

  • create a self-care routine so you have the health and energy to accomplish your goals

  • quit habits that are no longer serving you

  • improve your relationships


This 6 month program will take you from feeling overwhelmed, lacking in clarity and passion, and drained to feeling fulfilled, purposeful, energetic, confident + authentic. 

Each month we will implement different self-care practices that will ACTUALLY create better physical and mental health, improve your relationships (with yourself and others) and help you grow into your highest Self.

If you are ready to up level your health + happiness, apply for my Aligned Life Program.

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